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Our quality is controlled by means of Total Quality Management (TQM). Each stage of process beginning from product development, material sourcing, incoming material control, processing control, inspection control, shipment control, etc are all closely monitored by QC department along with company ISO management system. Our quality control procedures are optimized in following aspects.

Traceability control

First-in-first-out principle is obeyed in all processes. Traceability control is monitored throughout the process. Each product and each component can be traced back to original package. All inspection and processing records are maintained for 10 years.


Defective control

Defects are classified in 3 categories: fatal, major and minor. Zero defect is always maintained in aspects of fatal defect relating to safety. All kinds of defects are analyzed by experienced engineer and QC personnels throughout our processes. Prompt corrective action is always taken and preventive measures are studied to avoid recurrence.


Documentation control

All kinds of SOPs, drawings, specifications are processed by designated department. ECN control is closely monitored by QC department and R&D department.


Reliability control

Each product is aged with rated load for specified time duration. Comprehensive functional and safety tests are performed before and after aging test.


Inspection control

First-piece strip-down check is enforced at different stage throughout production processes. Line patrol and sampling check are enforced in procedure. SOP in terms of job manual is enforced at all working stations and processes.


Hazardous substances control

Materials, products, and tools are all controlled in compliance with RoHS, REACH and customer requirement throughout our processes.


Our commitment for every customer

We care for feedback from every customer. We analyze and countermeasure for every defect. It is our pursing goal for better quality through Plan-Do-Check-Action.